Category: YEAR 2020

March 2020

March 2020 Question. One of the Key objectives of the ISM code is to establish a “’Safety culture” in Shipping. Explain what is meant by Safety culture? What are the key features of an effective safety culture? As a Chief Engineer how would you develop an effective safety culture onboard? [...]

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Feb 2020

Feb 2020. Question With reference to “ISM Code” write short notes on (a) Masters Responsibility and authority (b) Advantage of drills and exercises (e) Internal Audits (d) Management Review. Question With reference to Port State Control Inspection, (a) What are “clear ground” and [...]

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Jan 2020

Jan 2020. Question Explain Abraham moslows theory of motivation. As chief engineer on board stress the issues you will address for lack of motivation difference in attitude and increase sense of competitiveness for better management and effective control. Question. State the UNCLOS requirement [...]

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