ETO Coaching Classes

ETO Coaching Classes in Mumbai


Success in today’s competitive world requires a special strategic approach, guided by experts. HATC Training Centre is a pool of these experts, leads from the shipping industry who have great experience.

With many years of teaching experience, we have developed the expertise and methodologies needed to instill confidence in students so that they can excel at certificate of competency exams.

We are constantly updating our teaching method to keep students informed of the evolution of the examination model. After establishing strong roots in Deck officer competency Exam (2nd an mates, Chief Mates NCV/FG India and UK) and Engine officer competency Exam (Class IV and Class II,NCV/FG India, UK Australian, New Zealand, Singapore and Panama), HATC Training Center, launched a ETOs Certificate of Competency Written and Orals preparation program in 2015.  HATC Training Center made the highlights with a 90% + written cracking + oral Certificate of Competency led by MM’s all over India.